Circle Harmony - Grade 5 Theory

Passing Grade 5 Theory doesn't have to be a struggle!

I have helped countless students achieve a confident pass in Grade 5 Theory, and I can help you, too. With my Circle Harmony method, I make Grade 5 Theory fun, effortless and useful beyond the exam.

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My name is Lona. I am a composer, pianist and teacher.

When I went to university, I was completely focussed on studying piano. But I quickly found that music theory helped me achieve many of my musical goals. Understanding music theory -

  • Improved my sight reading and quick study skills
  • Made memorising music much easier and more reliable
  • Heightened my musical expression at the piano
  • Gave me confidence as a teacher
  • Eventually led me to composing music

I have a passion for teaching music theory, because understanding it leads to amazing musical transformations.